Check out this project from Creative Technologist Nick Poole using the pcDuino Camera Module.

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This is a big week. We've got a great video and a bunch of new products. Come check them out.

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Stuff for your single board computer, LEDs, and a book for learnin'. Check out what's new this week.

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Another week, another round of new products. This week is also special, since it's the official release of the RedBoard.

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Getting started with the Raspberry Pi? Well, SparkFun has something for you.

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The new UDB4 is smaller and more powerful than before. See how the developers refined the system using very interesting testing techniques.

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When your blue shell blue screens “shutdown -r -f” is your only hope.
The shell has hung and I’m feelin blue for lack of a good old 6502
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Why did I go into plumbing? I really should have studied computer science!
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