An overview (and pre-orders!) of the newest Raspberry Pi single board computer.

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We run several SBCs through their paces and compare their performances.

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Check out this project from Creative Technologist Nick Poole using the pcDuino Camera Module.

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This is a big week. We've got a great video and a bunch of new products. Come check them out.

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Stuff for your single board computer, LEDs, and a book for learnin'. Check out what's new this week.

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Another week, another round of new products. This week is also special, since it's the official release of the RedBoard.

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Getting started with the Raspberry Pi? Well, SparkFun has something for you.

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The new UDB4 is smaller and more powerful than before. See how the developers refined the system using very interesting testing techniques.

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> true equals not 0 (typically 1 is used). Because true equaling not zero allows streamlining code. Lets say you want to do something with…
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1,000,000 possibilities at 1 try a second, a million seconds will be about 1/30 of a year or 11.574 or so days. Lets say the evil robot…
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Nice work. I just google and saw that you can design Yagi antenna on PCB. That would make a nice looking dev board.
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I know it was intentional but I had to bitch anyway since the possible methods are numerous. I’ll be interested to see the method you went…
Can anyone navigate me whether this hack is actually working with paypass cards? I am really concerned about security of my credit card. I…
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