An overview (and pre-orders!) of the newest Raspberry Pi single board computer.

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We run several SBCs through their paces and compare their performances.

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Check out this project from Creative Technologist Nick Poole using the pcDuino Camera Module.

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This is a big week. We've got a great video and a bunch of new products. Come check them out.

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Stuff for your single board computer, LEDs, and a book for learnin'. Check out what's new this week.

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Another week, another round of new products. This week is also special, since it's the official release of the RedBoard.

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Getting started with the Raspberry Pi? Well, SparkFun has something for you.

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The new UDB4 is smaller and more powerful than before. See how the developers refined the system using very interesting testing techniques.

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Glancing through the data sheet, I note that ABOV has provided “in circuit programming” hooks, and their programming software has a “READ”…
Ah, alright. Well, there is definitely something to be said for app connectivity!
Nice. I think I am mainly impressed by how the Mutaforma was controlled. If I ever encounter other manufacturers versions I’d love to break…
There are other manufacturers of similar wristbands: - Glowmotion have a nice solution based on radio communication. They can enable some…
All three leds light the same. But I can use the app to select the color of the set.. And in fact all the devices..
That’s awesome! It looks like they actually use addressable LEDs in their version. Is that the case?
I got 8 of a similar device from Dockercon. The ones that I have are Bluetooth LE. And yes there is an iPhone app for that. The daughter…
I’d be interested to see what you find out about it!
I got two of those as well from TI6! I’ve been asked by friends to do some wireshark “hacking” to figure out the commands to send to it to…
It’s very likely, though it may be an internal group that makes the bits and bobs for Disney. I know PixMob makes firefly-type devices, huge…

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