This week we have the new Servo Trigger, the ESP8266 WiFi module, a new version of the Taz 3D Printer, and more!

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High-­school science teachers can radically reduce the cost of building up science labs while giving students opportunities to engage in genuine design processes by introducing them to open­-source hardware. A vast collection of free and pre­-designed low-­cost scientific tools are available, many of which can be printed on a open­-source 3­D printer, including the printer itself. Not only can students benefit from access to research grade equipment, there are ample opportunities for students to build on, improve, and customize scientific tools as part of their curriculum. In this way the number and value of the open­-source hardware designs can expand with student effort, enabling a powerful motivating factor for science education.

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Some more filaments and some retail kits. That's what we've got for this week.

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The future is here. This week we have a sound generator, 3D printer, and more!

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super cool project! Have you looked at the fuel injectors spraying? Do they have atomizing tips or just spray a stream? Any idea of what…
It’s unlikely that I would be the first to suggest that the motorcycle in the background and the jet engine get married. If not the…
So during the pump rebuild, I put it together 180degrees out of phase. I just need to pop it back apart and rotate it.
That may be a stupid question but why are the fuel pump markings IN and OUT the reverse of what you mention in the video? And are you using…
Speaking of which, thank you for all the work you do on the forums! It’s very much appreciated.
While sales obviously drive our business (please buy all the things from us!), we want our community to include those who are only just…
Believe it or not, that barely slows them down. On the Sparkfun forums you need to solve a captcha that involves you doing a menial task…
To deal with spammers and server load have you considered using the four different available lists from to…
We also recently ran an article spotlighting some free podcasts for museums. (No more paying for audio-guides at museums <a…
Problem: Spurious banning. You could wind up absolutely blacklisted because your password was guessed/discovered/cracked; you forgot to…

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