This week we have the new Servo Trigger, the ESP8266 WiFi module, a new version of the Taz 3D Printer, and more!

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High-­school science teachers can radically reduce the cost of building up science labs while giving students opportunities to engage in genuine design processes by introducing them to open­-source hardware. A vast collection of free and pre­-designed low-­cost scientific tools are available, many of which can be printed on a open­-source 3­D printer, including the printer itself. Not only can students benefit from access to research grade equipment, there are ample opportunities for students to build on, improve, and customize scientific tools as part of their curriculum. In this way the number and value of the open­-source hardware designs can expand with student effort, enabling a powerful motivating factor for science education.

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Some more filaments and some retail kits. That's what we've got for this week.

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The future is here. This week we have a sound generator, 3D printer, and more!

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Just curious. What size was the combat arena at the Sparkfun AVC? It looked to be an approx 6ft x 6ft footprint. Thanks.
The reports from most of the launches are available at the [Project…
Here in Arizona, we have a non-profit group called Arizona Near Space Research that launches balloons every few…
Yeah, they’re up in Canada eh. Check They sell most of the Fingertech stuff and they’re in the US. Their shipping is a…
Honestly, it’s possible, but not recommended. You really want/need a speed controller instead since relays just aren’t optimum for reversing…
that’s HSMXpress. It’s a FREE plugin for Solidworks for basic 2.5D CAM stuff. It’s really nice. I’ve been using it for a couple years. You…
Now you need theme music (sung to the tune of Sgt. Pepper’s…) “Sgt. Cuddles Antweight Combat ‘Bot”
Great videos! One question, in the first video, you show Solidworks (or a plug-in) or something, running your CAM simulation. What software…
Be aware that Finger Tech Robotics is a Canadian company. Be SURE to check with your credit card company BEFORE ordering, as some credit…
Robert, awesome video series!!! My son and I are working on a Battlebot with a sheet metal frame (it’s simple & we don’t have CNC access).…

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