The IOIO has found it's home with many Android devices. This blog post compiles all of the most recent IOIO projects and documentation into one place, in addition we are introducing a IOIO class.

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The current state of the IOIO and other Android related hardware.

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This is very interesting! There are many different costume that fits the theme of the party. I know they will enjoy this Halloween party.…
The pdf only is a shame, my laser cutter is geared toward .dxf cutting also. Doing some poking around on the internet tho, I found this…
A large part of this was time. I’m not a lighting person, they have a designer, I just get to run the cues. In other words, I don’t know…
I was the young grade school kid who stalled the class movies by creating a plug out of gum foil and shorting the room out by plugging it…
Presuming that your system is DMX, why not just have the controller DMX ( plenty of Arduino libraries ) with no UI. I don’t know the…
Definitely the kid who took things apart. Parents were frustrated because of course I did not put things back together. They had enough and…
I use the same one, it was at a different address before. I really wish it outputted something other than a PDF, hopefully something that…
So if I create a robot under $350, I can enter it in the Micro/PBR class? How do I show that its less than $350?
I broke every interesting toy that was given to me, sort of on purpose to see how it worked. The mechanism was always vastly simpler than I…

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