The IOIO has found it's home with many Android devices. This blog post compiles all of the most recent IOIO projects and documentation into one place, in addition we are introducing a IOIO class.

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The current state of the IOIO and other Android related hardware.

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I think you should stock (and benchmark) the Nvidia Jetson-TK1. Thanks, I liked the video.
This would make a nice upgrade to my wheelchair - after all whats the worst that could happen i wind up in a wheelchair.
I will make lots of mistakes, I’ll use those as teaching moments for everyone else. Short term, we don’t have too many designs around data…
Echoing Erik-Sparkfun, Thank Phalanx, you do great work on the forums.
I’ll look into this, thanks.
As Erik-Sparkfun pointed out, blocking the url was took hard because of junk characters, we’d have to leverage that would ignore…
Transparency is going to keep being our default setting. I’m glad the road block wasn’t too much for you. Looking forward to more…
We had discussions about pre-verifying a bulk of users. We decided that there was some benefit in having everyone verify their email…
It seems to me that a really easy way to detect spam would be to hash all comments, so that you could easily detect if a comment had been…

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