Fault tolerance, graceful degradation - and failing in a not-so-painful way.

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Overview of the related M2X Learn tutorial, which walks users through the process of connecting an Arduino and CC3000 to AT&T's M2X service.

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Love math and tricks likes this. However, way back in my High School days, we had access to an old Univac Solid State 90…. it used…
If you like that, you’ll like the cube root trick: you can quickly determine the cube root of any two digit number that has been cubed by…
That’s… A really good idea. I may do that.
I didn’t know division by 9 worked like that. It makes sense though because division by 3 works the same way..
You could still possibly come out ahead since the architecture doesn’t natively support integer division. For instance: you don’t need to…
I loved division by 9. You sum the digits and see if that’s divisible by 9. The cool thing about it is that this is fully generalizable to…
That would be a sepic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-ended_primary-inductor_converter
Use an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator to modulate the supply voltage of your oscillator to make an AM transmitter… When you realize…
Back in 7th grade I was arguing with a friend what was more elegant; hex or octal. After he pointed out that after memorizing the binary…
Yes, one of the thermocouple amps I’m looking at has an overtemp setting. This will connect to the fuel shutoff valve to kill the engine if…

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