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Various new products for the week.

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It's another week and another round of sweet products. I know every week I talk about how cool the products are for that week, but I'm super serial this time. This is my favorite set of new products. OK, let's see what we have this week.

First up we have the much-anticipated Chumby Hacker Board. This board has a little bit of everything. Essentially, it's a Chumby, but made a bit more friendly (for hacking). It has USB, an LCD controller, joystick, microphone input, battery charger, RAM, pre-loaded Linux installation, NTSC video out, and even a header for Arduino shields! There's also a large community for support. Get them before they run out!

Here we have the new frequency counter kit. This allows you to measure frequencies up to about 6Mhz. It comes with an Arduino bootloader so you can even customize it to fit your needs. The kit comes with everything you need - just add power and you're ready to go.

KNOBS! That's right, we have 6 new knobs for you to choose from. We have a basic red, basic black, chicken head red, chicken head black, and black and silver metal knobs. Nothing puts the finishing touch on your project quite like a good knob.

We just got two new LCD's from 4D Systems. Both are self-contained graphics platforms that allow you to use them as standalone devices. Also, with new lower prices, they're a pretty good value for the features they include. We have a 1.44" and a 3.2" model. Check out a video here!

We are always trying to add more hardware to our catalog without becoming a hardware store. For our pogo beds, we've been using these lock nuts for some time. It dawned on us that they might come in handy for our customers. So, here they are!

Last and probably least is a simple neglected jumper cable. It has a JST connector on one and and bare wire on the other. However, the wire colors are backwards. Of course we hate throwing anything away that's still useful, so we decided to sell them for cheap. If you have a project where the colors don't matter, you can just use them as they are, or easily swap the cables.

That's all for this week. Tune in next week for week for even more stuff.

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  • drex / about 14 years ago / 1

    your real mission:
    take 1 picture.
    (did u get your assignment?)
    we'll see when u get back.

  • schlick / about 14 years ago / 1

    it isn't that hard to remove the terminals from those JST connectors and swap them. Also, any chance you'll ever carry the JST-XH style connectors? I looked into getting a hand crimper to make them myself, but it is close to $1000 (seems kinda steep if you ask me).

  • pmagee / about 14 years ago / 1

    Haha they dooo look like chicken heads!

  • russpatterson / about 14 years ago / 1

    Nice stuff. Those aren't "pointy" knobs they're "chicken head" knobs.
    Isn't that more geek than pointy? Maybe it's more cool. It's hard to tell anymore.

    • I like 'chicken head'. I just made up pointy for lack of anything better to call them. One day I might change them to chicken head knobs, it has a good ring to it.

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