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Let's dissect another section of EdiBot 2.0 and learn how to spin DC motors with Python.

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A handy compendium of all our favorite (free!) Edison resources.

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We built a mirror using the Intel Edison, an LCD, and a gesture sensor.

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It's a big week at SparkFun. Let's start this thing off right.

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Brush up on your Edison while we wait for the Inventor's Kit!

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The VL6180 Time of Flight sensor hits this week - plus a few other gems!

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Guest blog post by Arnoud Buzing of Wolfram Research on using the Edison and SparkFun Blocks to make a pendulum monitor.

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Pins du Edison

All I want for Christmas Eve is an Edison pinout.

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Blinky The fact that it only can half blink is by far the creepiest part.

Bob<Harold<Fred<Willard<Elmer (sources: in order of age-degenration).

maybe he's freaking in front of Rob..(guesses)..

I think he should be named Mr. Dumbot (given the present conditions). Or maybe Baraka from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Dwayne "the Rob" Johnson - just an ode to Rob....

Uncle Fester - of course from the Addams Family

Sparky O. Sparkfun - the O standing for Open, of course

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