Due to the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing longer than normal lead times on certain products. We encourage back-ordering out-of-stock items to receive them as soon as possible.


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As a first-time dumpster-diver (<3 the event name, BTW) how will I find these boxes on the website? If they go that quickly I want to be…

You should be able to select "Local Pickup" but it is unlikely that your potential Dumpster Dive order will be ready the same day. It's a…

Does "no on-site sales" = no local pickup for orders placed online?

Thanks! Descriptive variable names - Totally agree. I wasn't sure where to draw the line on this post. There's a whole other post on best…

Well stated, Nate! Thanks! I'll add my $0.02 worth: Don't be afraid to make that first example seem to be so simple that many might think it…

Pete! So sorry I just now saw this.... and it totally made my day. I passed the word along to the other guys, everyone is excited that we…

Great question: Yes, you absolutely will be able to combine other items into the order to qualify for free shipping! The only thing you…

I'm wondering if we'll be able to combine other items into the order to qualify for free shipping?

Yes and thank you for the informative Link! Sapien LLC has a Safety Information Page and the Cthulhu Shield…

Do you provide any guidance or information on galvanic isolation when connecting humans to electronics? While these projects are very…

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