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Rechargable batteries (unless we’re talking “flooded cell”, like in your car) have fairly high internal inductance, so a good sized filter…
Interesting. I have tried a handful of manual pick and place machines and have never been impressed. Let us know if you get your hands on…
Thanks! I know that delay() is blocking, but it does rely on internal timers. You can definitely do asm("nop"); to insert an assembly nop…
Next trick: glue an ol' guitar to the ground. Just not an expensive one. As far as the ProMini regulator, (12V-5V)*(30mA) = 210mW. On a…
When I first read the headline quickly, I read it as the “ol' electrified guitar glued to the ground” which seemed really odd. But…
LOL that’s good. Somebody tried something similar on me a while back, but they failed to consider how much their battery would drain before…
That’s one approach that will work. But the battery itself is rated for 25C discharge (if you put any stock in C ratings). The servo is…
Hi Pete! Interesting idea. Back in the 80s, I had a coworker who had attended DeVry (in Phoenix), and he told of gluing a quarter onto the…
My favorite electronics prank I did was a few years ago when I was interning at an automotive company. My boss’s boss was on vacation and…

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