Let's add some electricity to your favorite things. I take a LEGO® speeder from Star Wars® and use Arduino to give it a little something extra.

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A re-creation of our Simon Says Soldering Kit using trampolines, spot lights and a ton of new sounds!

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We made a resource page to keep the party going, all in one place!

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Yes, good luck. I will definitely miss your videos and learning articles. Edit: I just subscribed to your channel.
Of the ones in the guide, rc.local and systemd run as root, so you should be able to run your Python program as root with those. Some of the…
Thanks! I made some videos for Digi-Key earlier this year ([getting started with…
Good luck at your next gig, Shawn! I hope to see more electronics videos from you.
Re second photo, the one of your workbench… How do you keep it so uncluttered? I know from your blogs that you’re not one of those people…
Re- the “Arduino Weather Station Data Analysis” example… lots of Good Stuff there, if you are very serious about weather logging. But the…
When, regarding Blynk, I saw “connects a microcontroller to your phone”, I nearly stopped reading. Was it an SMS (or similar) system? No! At…
Useful guide! Thank you for writing it, Shawn. Do you happen to know how to have any one of these methods run a python program as a root…
Cool thanks! Looks awesome! I’ll have to check it out. =)
Not really a “workshop” – it’s a presentation aimed at (non-“techie”) senior citizens who’ve been hearing the words “micro:bit”, “Arduino”,…

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