Let's add some electricity to your favorite things. I take a LEGO® speeder from Star Wars® and use Arduino to give it a little something extra.

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A re-creation of our Simon Says Soldering Kit using trampolines, spot lights and a ton of new sounds!

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We made a resource page to keep the party going, all in one place!

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As a heads up, I've recently designed a few boards that have onboard WS2812s, and I've noticed that success with driving them with 3.3v…

Pi top laptop at great prices, i wish speakers were offered, i am designing a couple of website. But times after coding, i like a bit of…

On the street is 21st century, and in schools, there is still no essential necessities. Well, it's cool that in the end they took up work…

OMG - this made me full on laugh - I saw that too! I should've chosen a different image but with the blizzard and shutdown happening I had…

What kind of monster uses a combination of a red thing, a yellow thing, and a green thing, THEN DOSN'T PUT THEM IN ORDER?!!?…

I have built it - I used a Pi Zero W + V2 camera as the webcam, and configured it to stream using the"motion" software package, although…

It's bad enough I missed the giveaway, but I can't even find out what it was or how it worked? pout

Same. Ha ha. Clipboards save the day for me too. ;)

I like using Fritzing for basic diagrams in the breadboard view. It can be hard to follow when displaying a physical image of the part with…

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