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We have an update on BLE support for Artemis!

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A new version of the Apollo 3 Core has been released!

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Let's take a look at what makes 'main()' feel so cozy and welcoming - what has to happen to have variables initialized, objects constructed and stacks a-stackin?

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The costs and time required to get the world's first open source BLE module certified with the FCC.

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Any FCC certified module needs a tin can to protect and prevent RF emissions. Check out how we did it for Artemis!

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Learn how we created our own SMD module using PCB tips and tricks for blind and buried vias.

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Let's take a close look at all the new updates for Artemis that have recently been released!

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A new Feather-compatible Artemis Thing Plus is available, along with the SparkFun Edge 2! We also have a new Qwiic-enabled Motor Driver and a USB 2.0 microphone.

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We released the FCC Certified Artemis this Wednesday, and now we want to talk to you about a special sale we are having to celebrate!

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The official Artemis Module is now available, along with three new RedBoards!

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It's been a bit, so let's look at all the new Artemis features we've been working on!

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The Artemis ATP provides access to each of our new open-source module's pins. Now we have a guide for you to learn how to use it better!

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Did you know there are already updates for the Artemis module that you can start using today?

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We shot for the moon to develop the next flagship microprocessor module that can be the mainstay for the next generation of development boards.

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I'm wondering if we'll be able to combine other items into the order to qualify for free shipping?

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