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The best way I have found to power an arduino project with solar is a pv panel charging a lithium ion battery and a dc to dc converter…
Fun fact: Cinderella’s castle at Disney World plays on this fact by reducing the scale size of each tier moving up the castle, giving the…
Yes definitely. The MP3 trigger board here uses the QWIIC connect which is why I chose the BlackBoard. You can either use the solderable…
No they are not. I just googled free cat hiss sounds and picked out the ones I liked!
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose… I wish these “gator:starter” boards had come out a couple of weeks sooner, as I’m giving a…
Are the sound file(s) posted? Thx
The MP3 Trigger board is a great thing. I used it as the basis for my Zoltar Booth Halloween ‘Costume’, sorry no segway here. I built a…
Can I use a Arduino Uno board?
He provides pretty good support for these in the Sparkfun Forum as well.
Ooh - I really like your idea! There’s LOTS of room for enhancements without changing the hardware! One is to have “random colors” for the…

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