In this week's Enginursday, Joel shows off his aquatic turtle habitat, complete with an above-tank basking area, automated lighting, and an aquaponic feeding system.

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A look into our awesome solar array and what it's doing for SparkFun.

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Learn how can help you not just collect data, but also use that data to make hypothesizes, see trends, and make adjustments to a variety of systems.

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Check out this video tutorial for building your own soil moisture sensor.

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Show us what you can make out of reused parts!

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How to create a simple and cheap time-lapse rig with the Raspberry Pi.

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Joel shows us how to build a handheld pH sensor to regulate his aquaponics system.

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It seems to me that a really easy way to detect spam would be to hash all comments, so that you could easily detect if a comment had been…
> The third installment of the ongoing jet engine build, where we have ignition, and Luke finally confronts his jerk dad. ???
Excellent! Very excited to hear about your open ideas and discussions policy. Someone who can talk about their mistakes is someone who knows…
Hmm, any relation to Conner Kuhns? That aside, look forward to seeing the build progress!
Pressurized propane doesn’t need a pump. A regulator might be good though…
I too have been building a jet engine. (Not nearly as big or as powerful as yours) A team of friends and I built one for my school’s science…
I would guess you already have this: [Operator’s and Unit Maintenance…
When I was in school they were tearing down a dormitory. There was a huge pile of batteries (~2tons worth) from the battery backup system. I…
I have run the injectors outside the engine. they are spraying as specified in the manual. Everything looks good I just don’t know if I’m…
Ahh.. And I thought I was the only one who noticed.. :-) So much for the “easy” fix.. So, Seeing as you’re bypassing that whole fuel system…

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