IoT can be leveraged for a more sustainable future. As makers, we can take action at home.

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In this week's Enginursday, Joel shows off his aquatic turtle habitat, complete with an above-tank basking area, automated lighting, and an aquaponic feeding system.

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A look into our awesome solar array and what it's doing for SparkFun.

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Learn how can help you not just collect data, but also use that data to make hypothesizes, see trends, and make adjustments to a variety of systems.

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Check out this video tutorial for building your own soil moisture sensor.

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Show us what you can make out of reused parts!

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How to create a simple and cheap time-lapse rig with the Raspberry Pi.

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Joel shows us how to build a handheld pH sensor to regulate his aquaponics system.

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Last year I made a series of small sculptures, using the components of functional blinking LED circuits (based on a 555 timer). [This…
Although I agree that making a Useless Machine would be a good demonstration of a laser cutter or a 3D printer, not having these should not…
Two quick thoughts: First, before you head off to the “craft supply” to get the bag of popsicle sticks (or, for that matter, a glue gun and…
The beetle bot is a favorite of mine. I helped my daughter build one when she was 5 and I have helped cub scouts do them for their activity…
Only thing I would add is, pick up the cold soldering iron the same way you pick up the hot one, I swear they look the same.
Thanks for the tips! Looks like my research on TV antennas was wrong.
I was just looking at the Instrucables on building a Yagi, and Biotele suggested using nibblers to cut the paper clips, and that nibblers…
First, the vast majority of TV antennas are NOT Yagi-Uda antennas (despite what Wikipedia says). They are “log-periodic” antennas. A…
Depends on what you want to do, and while very helpful majors and degrees are not required for most positions. Feel free to check out out…
Very cool, thanks for the stories.

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