When a company relies too much on their intellectual property they become intellectually unfit - they suffer from IP Obesity. There have been numerous companies in history that have had long periods of prosperity only to be quickly left behind when technology shifted. Cloners are gunna clone regardless of your business plan.

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I was guessing the other tube was a 6C4, and sure enough, it is. It’s basically half a 12AU7. You can find the manual here:…
‘773! As always, thanks for the stories! Not a PL-259?? Ah, crud. I think the reason I said it is is because when I first saw one, I went,…
For the longest time when I was growing up our main TV was a HeathKit that my father assembled, and never got around to putting an enclosure…
Pete, thanks for the fun video! Youngster, I hate to correct you, but those are NOT PL-259’s on the front. Off hand, I don’t recall the…
I was given a Heathkit IG-102 signal generator a few years ago that still works pretty well. Old Heathkit test gear is fun to play with
Quite a calculation you did there. Thanks for that.
Define better. I’m currently using some of the things I got from the last dumpster dive, and the rest of the things are in my “to find a use…
At least if I was going to buy these (tempting) - I’d strip those boards to the bone for desoldering practice rather than trash them if they…
As posted on the Youtube page: The winner of the Digilent Analog Discovery 2 USB Oscilloscope from ATP: Digital Circuits is Tanishq Jaiswal…
The information are useful to know the embedded sysytem. I was attend the inplant training in trichy for cse that helps to doa real time…

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