Lights, Wireless, and Pi. Check out the new stuff for this week.

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Sweeping legal changes are afoot that could change the hobbyist airspace for years to come. Your input can make a difference.

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Many schools and homes have VEX robotics systems. It's an awesome and amazing platform. I've casually mentioned to several friends that integrating VEX with Arduino is super simple to do... Here's a quick snap-shot at what we got working today.

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Overview of the related M2X Learn tutorial, which walks users through the process of connecting an Arduino and CC3000 to AT&T's M2X service.

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Check out this new guides for getting started in the world of XBee.

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Back in the 60s, when I was a kid, I had to make my meager allowance stretch as far as possible. Often, the box specified for the project I…
Why enclose? I’ve built analog projects, especially where I needed the solid connection of solder, by not trimming leads and simply…
Now that’s thinking outside the box!
I have an entire box of objects with negative space inside. Or objects in which i can create negative space. The more something blends in to…
Mint tins (Altoid - thanks 1oz!), cigar boxes, match boxes - have often served as enclosures. There’s enclosures in lots of things you buy…
Would you in a box? Would you with a fox?
Is the pictured box a SF item?
The pdf only is a shame, my laser cutter is geared toward .dxf cutting also. Doing some poking around on the internet tho, I found this…

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