You came, you saw, you wrote some amusing things.

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You thought we forgot about these, didn't you?

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Never an easy decision, but here it is...

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Here is the moment you've been waiting for...

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It's been too long - time for a contest!

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The end of the month is near - it's time!

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Here is the winner of this month's caption contest!

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It's time to squeeze in a caption contest before the end of the month - and a quick reminder about this year's AVC!

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Last week we posted a caption contest - today we have your winner!

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It's time for a little bit of fun. Let's hear your best caption!

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Congrats to the latest SparkFun caption contest winner!

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Time for a caption contest - let's see what you've got!

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Try out your best caption for a chance at a fabulous SparkFun prize.

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Congrats Member #468914, you're the proud owner of the Kits Kit!

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Get your captions in for a chance at an exciting prize!

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When is the deadline to register as a competitor?
Isn’t it evident that it’s a complete mixture and even substitute of interest? The point is, what they call net neutrality is completely…
This sounds fun - do we need to bring our own materials? Buy them at the door? Or are materials provided? Thanks!
That Badgerhack helped me a lot. Now I’m thinking of scaling this up to run a lot more wearable lights than this. I like how you put on…
I think selling a kit would be awesome, especially for those who were unable to go to SXSW, as for the plastic badge part, it may not be…
I was part of last year’s feeding frenzy, and not part of this year’s sale. The main reason: last year you could back-order, but not this…
I went Friday by myself and had fun building one up and playing find-the-blinky-space-pod, so I brought my kids on Sunday so my 7 year old…
Was the Processing graffiti wall on display? Or am I mixing up when that was being shown?
Video: 2 points to the kid soldering with broken arm. Thats determination. Got to love it! :)

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