Win a monthly caption contest & burn fat with this one weird trick!

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One of you is getting a big ol' box of goodies.

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Congratulations to the winner of this month's caption contest!

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It's time to announce the winner of our most recent caption contest.

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Almost no information to base a guess upon, might as well try. 2 days 7 hr 23 mins – combo if not the factory combo (!) 88 - 27 - 61
Thanks! But this is 2017 so it’s actually a digital coffee ring that has white sent to transparency, which was overlaid on the original. ;)
The ANSI Y32.2 is easy to find, thanks! I actually prefer the 1975 version, as the symbols are not space over pages and pages. I’ll keep…
Time: 05:44:23 Combo: 66/106/28
I’m a little queasy about the server being strong enough to actually pull the latch open. So many questions to field an accurate guess: How…
It is always best to consider the following: Look up the default combination for the lock type. Try that. If it doesn’t work, try variations…
false equals 0. true equals not 0 (typically 1 is used). ! means not. If ‘a’ is true, !a is false. If ‘a’ is false, !a is true. && means…
Since you listed =, it would be good to add a description for ==. For anyone who doesn’t know, (a == b) will be true (or 1) if a is equal to…
Good video, Shawn! I like the explanation of the difference between the “mathematical” use of the equal sign and the “programming” use of…
Time - 10:42:00 Combo - 12/76/53

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