Spark creativity and innovation in makers and electronics enthusiasts with stocking stuffers that can lead to new projects or help them with current ones

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There is a whole world of precision and exploration out there, and with these gifts, you can empower GPS, GNSS, and surveying enthusiasts!

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Do you have a hobbyist or tech enthusiast in your life that's impossible to shop for? Take a look at our 2023 Gift Guide because it takes one to know one!

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Over the years, SparkFun has always provided kits and materials to introduce young people and beginners to electronics, engineering, and STEM in a fun, hands-on way - these tools make fabulous and educational gifts for the holidays

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The deals are back, online!

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Last-minute gift panic? We've got this.

SparkFun's gift guide has something for everyone (even you!)

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The 2015 SparkFun Gift Guide

Red boxes > red cups

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"heads up" -- pun intended? ;-)

Thanks for the heads up! Should be solved now. Goes back to workbench to continue work on anti-gravity machine

Uh,, unless they've managed to print a working anti-gravity machine, it sure looks to me like a couple of the photos are upside down (need…

Rob is pretty eclectic and hard to duplicate with AI.I would love to get a board with a round microprocessor on it. Great project. Beside,…

Did I miss something? It didn't seem like a board was created, just a generic picture of a board. So, unless I missed something AI just…

A few days ago, someone knowing that I've been "doing" computers over 50 years, asked if they should be worried that AI was going to…

Some cool stuff here, especially with AI still in its infancy. If you wanted to get really crazy, you could create a 3D object of my head,…

I'd obtained a "third party" PCIe adapter and a 1TB SSD for my RPi5. I had a good laugh a few days ago when in response to a "sudo apt…

Wish I could order some of those nifty SparkFun shopping bags like Rob showed! They'd definitely be "grocery store agnostic" so I wouldn't…

Off on a bit of a tangent, I was a bit dismayed earlier this week at something. Being "under the weather", I needed to open cans of chicken…

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