It's almost time for a new episode of SparkFun Live!

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It's time for another live community project build!

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Join us for the next episode, with special guest appearance by the Hackster DeLorean!

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Time to get ready for the next episode of SparkFun Live.

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Want to build a little friend to buzz around your desk? Join us!

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Tune in at 3:00 to watch Pete and Nate laugh nervously at each other and answer your questions!

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Join us this afternoon for some Halloween-themed projects!

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Get ready for the next episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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Join us today for a new episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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If you've been waiting on the edge of your ergonomic desk chair for the next SparkFun Live build, sit back and bask in your adjustable lumbar support, because today's the day!

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Huzzah for the red box wall returning! Rob Memorial Wall indeed. And here is another vote for more shenanigans. :) PS. I guess the hunt for…
You have got the box wall, now you are missing Rob!! Love the friday videos, but, we will sure miss you Rob. Do cameos!
Good to know, thanks! I honestly thought it was a regular differential pair.
I do not know why bit it is strangely comforting to see the box wall back. The set in the new building looked a little bit ramshackle IMHO…
Nick, glad to see you are sporting a beard. New product Friday should always have a bearded one. Great product coverage. Thanks
I’d love to go, too, but Chrome no longer supports NPAPI, rendering EventBrite’s site unusable for me. Grrr…. >:-( Guess I’ll have to…
I wouldn’t say impossible to debug. Just a bit more fiddly, and requires dedication of some parts of the architecture to debugging purposes.…
Hurray for the box wall! I would say it meets or exceeds all applicable ISO and ANSI standards. Also, another vote for more shenanigans. One…
Yeah, not like they can’t get them on every street corner “over there.”

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