It's almost time for a new episode of SparkFun Live!

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It's time for another live community project build!

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Join us for the next episode, with special guest appearance by the Hackster DeLorean!

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Time to get ready for the next episode of SparkFun Live.

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Want to build a little friend to buzz around your desk? Join us!

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Tune in at 3:00 to watch Pete and Nate laugh nervously at each other and answer your questions!

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Join us this afternoon for some Halloween-themed projects!

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Get ready for the next episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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Join us today for a new episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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I’d be interested to see if giving away a 3D printer (vs. a more neutral SparkFun gift card of equal value) skewed the interest results…
I’m interested to see where you want those metrics to move!
Gee… I can see the fear-mongering news reports now: “Concert bracelets hacked! What next?” leading to Congressional hearings on why the…
Some labeling on the photos would have been nice. Take a leaf from Instructables! MSPaint should work enough. ; )
The animated Christmas lighting folks have figured out the Disney ones……
I have to agree. I think this is an occasion to hate the (certain) players, not the game.
I think a majority of the community was against gambling with a few professional bad apples making the sport look bad. Do you think we like…
I plan on doing a couple things to see if I can get it to light up: 1) “Bit bang” the IR output pin to see if it’s a sequence of pulses that…
CS:GO has no real true Superbowl type event. Maybe MLG and other tourneys should start crowd sourcing their prize pool, CS:GO can get away…
The MLG major was a Valve sponsored $1 Million championship. There are other organizations that host Valve sponsored events, Valve gives the…

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