Want to build a little friend to buzz around your desk? Join us!

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Tune in at 3:00 to watch Pete and Nate laugh nervously at each other and answer your questions!

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Join us this afternoon for some Halloween-themed projects!

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Get ready for the next episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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Join us today for a new episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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If you've been waiting on the edge of your ergonomic desk chair for the next SparkFun Live build, sit back and bask in your adjustable lumbar support, because today's the day!

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Join us for the next episode of SparkFun Live, where engineer Mike Hord will help us build a coin-operated insult generator for all your insulting needs.

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Today's the day! Join us as we build a random pick-up line generator on this edition of SparkFun Live!

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Join us for the next episode of SparkFun Live with Toni building a random pick-up line generator.

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According to a comment in the Uno R3 (PTH) product page, it…
you might not realize how much I appreciate you saying this. thank you :-)
Ha, nice theory. Actually, my other duties\ areinterfering with videos, unfortunately. I just don’t have the time to devote to making the…
Perhaps Robert is taking the Zack Galifianakis approach like when he hosted SNL a while back. He shaved his beard (for real) for the final…
I’m guessing that Robert is recovering from some medical procedure where they had to shave his face, and is too embarrassed to be seen on…
Good catch - should be fixed.
Arduino Day is tomorrow, sale prices will only show up then.
how to buy.. i really dont getting discounted aurduino….
Great video! You know when a unicorn is not the coolest thing in your video, you’re winning! Side note - check the hyperlink for [Arduino…

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