Roberto Marquez is joining us for three weeks to work on polishing and beefing up his DIY MP3 player!

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SparkFun welcomes yet another Pete into the fold - meet Pete Marchetto, hacker extraordinaire.

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Our newest hacker team is working remotely with us from Amsterdam to make a group-played instrument.

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Brendan joins us from a high-end lighting studio in NYC to work on an experimental dimmer.

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Carlos is joining us all the way from Brazil to work on a new way to make music!

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We have a new friend! His name is Matthew Burmeister, and he loves the weather. We also have some updates on our past hackers!

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Julián is joining us from Argentina, to work on adding SparkFun parts to his miniBloq programming environment!

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New hacker-in-residence Josh Datko is joining us to work with the BeagleBone Black on internet privacy!

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John Gillespie joins us from Texas for two weeks of hackery!

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We're excited to introduce you to our latest hackers-in-residence: Sophi Kravitz and Shane Clements!

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Check out this "how-to" from our Hackers in Residence

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We're kicking off a trial run of an in-house hackers-in-residence program with Sean Bonner and Tara Tiger Brown!

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None yet. We are deep in the planning phase, though.
Any date for this years dumpster dive?
Little children put nearly everything in their mouths; think of the leds getting chewed off and sticking in the throat of a little one……
Here are some techniques for insulating the thread if you are building onto something that may bend/flex a lot and potentially short out the…
That’s a great Idea! I wasn’t thinking about wear and tear YET, because newborns don’t have the motor skills to really ‘handle’ something.…
I would be concerned about the exposed circuit board being subject to abuse such as normal wear and tear, or ESD. Any reason you couldn’t…
I thought about the modern “sewable electronics” movement last night when a show on “Hidden Dangers in the Edwardian Era” on PBS mentioned…
Correct, you really shouldn’t be touching the metal parts of the probes if you don’t want to introduce your body’s resistance, unlike what I…
I was taught that when measuring resistance you should not be on parallel with the device. This because the human body has its own…
Thanks for the suggestions! We’ve got a good number of soldering videos, but if…

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