Today we have a new, "powerful" Raspberry Pi HAT, a load of solar panels, and a knob for our small and medium-sized slide pots!

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New fees may be coming to solar panels. How will that affect us and you?

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Thanks Tim! Yes - our engineers are definitely taking another look - we will update the poster soon. We appreciate the feedback as we always…

Agreed. Somehow got transistors and resistors mixed up? To me, it looks like there was very little (no?) peer review of this poster before…

In addition to the flowing voltage complaints, the troubling term "carbon film transistor" appears multiple times. That's a new one I…

Students all over the world are going to get worse grades, then teachers like me will have to help them correct their models of "flowing…

Upvote on questioning the usefulness or consistency of the wording. In the commonly useful model, "voltage" is a difference between two…

I signed up for pdf and didnt get email :(

Hello, I think the graphics are very nice, though I must say I'm not sure exactly sure what's going on in the PNP drawing. There's a rod…

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