A new soldering kit for beginners, a soft circuits kit from ChickTech, an updated version of the OpenMV, two GPS/GNSS antennas and parts for your CNC!

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Two new Qwiic IR Array breakouts, a load of new CNC drills and four different types of copper clad!

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The SparkFun Pi AVR Programmer HAT is here, along with new load cells, microSD cards and APA102C LEDs

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A large Summer Solstice Sale, a new 3D printer, five new CNC machines, and three little sensor boards. It's a big Friday!

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In PCB design, the roles PCB layer stacking plays in controlling EMI radiation and its design tactic http://www.pcbindex.com
How many people are hiding in the picture? I found 3 so far.
Well you are in luck! Have a look at our Python page and maybe that will get you going. Also, if you feel…
In the video on the bladeRF, the text display shows 47 milli Hertz (mHz), while the person (and the unit’s page) says 47 mega Herts (MHz).…
I am new to python. I want to learn it.
Hmm… both good suggestions. IMU 201, maybe?
Funny piece of trivia - I was watching this with sound off and CC on. Sparkfun was rendered as “bark fun”. Guess they’ve visited your…
You can. In the tutorial I use a Pi as the broker, but there are cloud based brokers as well that you can use.
Hi all, I am an old Sparkfun user/customer and I built a service for storing time series data, with a focus on simplicity/ease of use. Would…
Hi Thanks for your simple tutorial and descriptions. Can we use an MQTT server, for different projects? for example i have 4 different…

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