A walk-through of building what turned out to be a complicated prop.

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A recap of our Let It Glow e-card crafting class and our trip to Maine teaching at Berwick Academy.

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A look into what has gone well, and what has gone poorly, working on a conductive paint mural.

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So if I create a robot under $350, I can enter it in the Micro/PBR class? How do I show that its less than $350?
I broke every interesting toy that was given to me, sort of on purpose to see how it worked. The mechanism was always vastly simpler than I…
The website you used for the box sounds interesting. How about a link to it?
I hooked the AC output of a toy train transformer to a D cell battery once…. after the smoke cleared and we scraped the electrolyte off…
We’ve been urged to make it a bit more challenging. So for this year, it stays. We want you to get creative. Autonomous vehicles have a lot…
I did that with a neon (or some type of gas) light. Thankfully not many shards were produced from the bright, beautiful flash. Not too long…
For me it was a screwdriver and a broken RC police car at age 5… and then I stuck the wires from the lights into the wall outlet because…
Any chance of having something easier for barrier detection on either wall? Even just covering the bottom foot of the fence in paper or…
For my everyday writing I use Google Docs which allows me to freely share and collaborate without the added cost of buying software and it…

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