I have a love/hate relationship with hackathons; maybe my rant can give you some helpful hints next time you compete.

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Overview of the related M2X Learn tutorial, which walks users through the process of connecting an Arduino and CC3000 to AT&T's M2X service.

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In addition to the races, we've got a lot of other great stuff going on!

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Come check out the Boulder Arduino Hackfest! It's going to be awesome.

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Ooh! Nice, I like it! I could then create a scraper for a web page that shows the leader boards for those segments.
Just a thought: Rig a way for the server[s] to talk to Phant, and keep a long-term high score, or maybe a “distributed” high score – maybe…
For finding the poop t-shirt, you get our sincere apology.
Any prize for spotting the shirt that says “I pooped today”
Any prize for spotting Rob of days long past?
Oh wow, thanks! You guys sure seem like you have a fun and relaxed working environment there at SparkFun
You’re not crazy. You’re so not crazy, in fact, that as the first to find the Power Ranger, you’ve won a [LilyPad Design…
Am I crazy or did I see a Power Ranger and a stein of beer in there?
Your project sounds awesome! The pull-down resistor actually solves both of the problems that you brought up. If you attach a large resistor…
Such an inspiring idea! I’ve recently bought a load of soft pots to make thin interface for photoshop and I’m considering this, thank you.…

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