Let's talk about Fritzing and its uses, pitfalls and potential replacements.

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The one persistent problem that I've had with the 32U4 is that sometimes it won't talk to my computer. I've found that plugging/unplugging…

And more/higher resolution timers on the 32u4 vs the 328.

The Leonardo is awesome! Another good thing about it is that without the Uno's second microcontroller, a commercial product made from the…

I feel like this should be required reading for people who are starting out with arduino and want to get a little more out of their devices.…

I would have ordered one of the Pro Mini Starter kits if it was available six months ago. Instead, I've had to wait to get the pieces, and…

You could also just flash the lights (or maybe one and then the other) to indicate a pending shutdown. I've seen several office lighting…

That's a great question! As I mentioned in the post, infrared is literally everywhere. Not only does it rain down from the sky but if you've…

Joint cycling, this undoubtedly unites the team, allows you to maintain physical fitness in good shape and taking care of nature!

Sorry for an amateurish question, but can you mention why you needed to "creat[ing] a 38kHz infrared signal that would act as an invisible…

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