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Although the 3D printer seems to get the spotlight most of the time, people are making some very interesting projects where the laser cutter takes the lead role.

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Wherein I take a break from pushing pixels around to wire my biker scout trooper helmet for sound.

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Courtesy of Terrence Fagan, Engineering Chair at Central Piedmont Community College. Terrence has done a lot of great work in engineering education and outreach in his community. He had the opportunity to attend the Fab10 Symposium in Barcelona last July. When he started telling me about his experience there, I felt it was a must for a blog post.

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Name it “Ihoa Lon”, (I•ho•lon) which in thai translates to bald bastard.

First look I thought "Quasimodo", just by the look on his face. Hey Rob, I watch your videos for the entertainment as much as for the…

My vote goes to "señor baldy", founding member of the glossy posse

how 'bout StereoViz CamHead?

How about "Hugh Man" or "Bobert". you guys are funny. thanks for making this haptic device for the Arduino community.

Heads Park its a good nickname!!! ;-)

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