Building a muscle-riffic demo for conductive yarn!

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Spice up your fancy outfit with some flashy LEDs.

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Have you always wanted to experiment with electroluminescence?

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Check out how you can use conductive ink to draw your circuits!

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A new episode of Electricute, plus some changes on the wind!

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Check out today's edition of ElectriCute to build a light-up tattoo made with Elastolite.

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Check out a special holiday edition of Electri-Cute.

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This installment of our new e-textiles how-to video series shows you how to incorporate LED string lights into your Halloween costume!

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Excerpt from Luigi’s first Mushruino project: //Once shell is within 1 ft of leader… if (leaderDeathStareRating > 1000){ leaderItem =…
When your blue shell blue screens “shutdown -r -f” is your only hope.
The shell has hung and I’m feelin blue for lack of a good old 6502
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Why did I go into plumbing? I really should have studied computer science!
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