Building a muscle-riffic demo for conductive yarn!

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Spice up your fancy outfit with some flashy LEDs.

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Have you always wanted to experiment with electroluminescence?

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Check out how you can use conductive ink to draw your circuits!

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A new episode of Electricute, plus some changes on the wind!

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Check out today's edition of ElectriCute to build a light-up tattoo made with Elastolite.

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Check out a special holiday edition of Electri-Cute.

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This installment of our new e-textiles how-to video series shows you how to incorporate LED string lights into your Halloween costume!

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Are you OK with a tutorial showing how to connect 2 devices that both have only USB A connectors?
I understood your comment perfectly. You are wanting to depoliticize electronics. However, the Maker community is inherently political as it…
Just gonna ignore the few haters posting here and say “Nick: FANTASTIC POST!” And to Sparkfun: what a great company to be this inclusive.…
Jus because they didn’t say “Go support the LGBT community” in so many words doesn’t mean that they are not saying that. There is no reason…
Then feel free to take your business and attention elsewhere (but not Adafruit of course since they’ve had MANY posts supporting Pride and…
As an electrical engineer and a gay gentleman, I appreciate this very much. Engineering communities are traditionally very conservative…
Sparkfun is advocating the inclusion of all communities and making resources known to underserved communities, not making a specific moral…
Oh shove it. Sparkfun’s job in the community is to bring people together over tech and education. The beauty of open source hardware and…
I like to think of myself as a generally accepting and kind to those who might have different viewpoints from my own. That being said, I…
A well thought out, informative and welcome post, Nick! IMHO, an even bigger message is that a large corporate company allows and encourages…

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