Building a muscle-riffic demo for conductive yarn!

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Spice up your fancy outfit with some flashy LEDs.

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Have you always wanted to experiment with electroluminescence?

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Check out how you can use conductive ink to draw your circuits!

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A new episode of Electricute, plus some changes on the wind!

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Check out today's edition of ElectriCute to build a light-up tattoo made with Elastolite.

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Check out a special holiday edition of Electri-Cute.

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This installment of our new e-textiles how-to video series shows you how to incorporate LED string lights into your Halloween costume!

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I’m excited to see robot combat at AVC! I’m assuming it’s autonomous? I definitely want to see more autonomous robots, but there aren’t very…
Helpful info, indeed - June 20th, 2015
What is the event date?
1. FYI, the shortcut / discombobultator example in the video shows only 50 points awarded for corners when taking the shortcut. Example 5 in…
4 feet in diameter huh…
Why would it not surprise me if the sole reason for your move was to get a newer parking lot for AVC?
Will there be a bump for start and finish line like previously? Also will the day before be available for practice on the course?
When is the deadline to register as a competitor?
Isn’t it evident that it’s a complete mixture and even substitute of interest? The point is, what they call net neutrality is completely…
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