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Before the days of data.sparkfun.com I came up with a little box that once an hour posts the indoor temperature to a database on my website.…
Very cool my vet always want daily weights of my ducks but they never sit still i got t build this in there night cage what scale did you…
How about some thing that turns the light on in the day and off at night? Or even dims the lights different times.
time to build some rfid dog tags so you can match the weight to the dog.
A robot cobbler-making machine? I’d buy like 3 of those! I would say I would make them, but in this case, I need something to provide me…
Never fear! A data “pulling” project is in the works :)
In a lot of cases the Pro Mini and ESP8266 will be the better and/or cheaper option for your application. But not always. Two main…
I see a lot of projects and ideas for IoT that push data to the internet. Would be nice to have some demos or such where they pull data from…
If we’re going that far, I’d automate the whole process with a controlled drip to maintain the moisture level, and have it only notify you…
Hook up a soil moisture sensor to a photon, then have it post data, or email someone whenever it needs watering.

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