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Fuel pump’s inlet and outlet conexion is reversed… Maybe that’s the issue why the turbine doesn’t work with its original fuel sistem. You…
Interesting fact, but we pump more water than we could ever plant trees to handle. Tours don’t go down there in part for the low ceiling and…
I’m guessing it’s a Star Wars reference.
Awesome project, I’ve always wanted to do something like this too :-) Sorry if I missed something but I didn’t see you mention the fuel flow…
Whoa, that was definitely not part of the Friday afternoon facility tour. You know what’s good for a shallow Niwot water table? Cottonwoods…
Wow… a good hacker movie! Loved it!
> SparkFun is taking steps to ensure that our user community is a safe space. That means we need to make a few changes. And then the irony…
Erik-Sparkfun, I think you’re right on – I’ve been a Digi-Key customer since about 1972 (a few months after they started). The thing that…
Maybe the “not anti-static” had something to do with it being dropped. I have worked in environments where the “anti-static” was mandatory.…
I am more than happy to verify my email address because I love this website. Now if we could just get another dumpster dive I’d be happy.…

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