SparkFun will be closed for Memorial Day (5/30). Orders placed after 2pm MT on Friday (5/27) will process and ship out on Tuesday (5/31).

We're hanging out in #sparkfun on irc.freenode.net. Stop in and say hello! And new products.

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You can find more pickups on surface transducers . I think mic should work better with <a href=“http://www.guitarmesh.com/” rel=“nofollow”…
Hmm… it might could stir up some “interest” in the BDSM crowd… though methinks that Harbor Freight might be the big beneficiary… BTW,…
Have you read like ANY of Mike’s other posts? Lighten up, no one forces you to read or watch.
Looks like an episode of “Buck Wild”. Enginursday and Friday product posts used to be a source of interesting, educational topics and new…
Almost embarrassed to say that I enjoyed it…. I wonder how long the line was outside the HR department the next day? LOL!
Glad to see you’re still around! :)
Great Picture! Looks like it’s going to be a Fun Summer at Sparkfun… Miss you guys ( I actually still have my entrance badge for the old…
You’re probably right. The new Radio Shack meter is now…
This company and its employees just keeps upping its/their awesomeness factor. :D

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