Taking what I've learned about LED color mixing and Python, along with our LumiDrive LED Driver and LuMini LED Ring, I set out to create a light ring for macro photography that surpasses all others.

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Last week, we took a look at using the digital pins on our new LumiDrive LED Driver. This week, we'll play with the analog pins, and see if we can't put something together using both!

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If you're looking to try coding in Python, especially as it translates to the world of physical computing, the SparkFun LumiDrive is a great way to get started.

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This week we have the new GPS-RTK2 Board, a LED Driver that utilizes MicroPython, and three APA102 LED Rings!

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Have you been curious about trying Python on a microcontroller? The ESP32 is a great way to start!

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In the latest Python tutorial series, we look at loading MicroPython onto six different microcontroller development boards.

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As a heads up, I've recently designed a few boards that have onboard WS2812s, and I've noticed that success with driving them with 3.3v…

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It's bad enough I missed the giveaway, but I can't even find out what it was or how it worked? pout

Same. Ha ha. Clipboards save the day for me too. ;)

I like using Fritzing for basic diagrams in the breadboard view. It can be hard to follow when displaying a physical image of the part with…

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