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Have you been curious about trying Python on a microcontroller? The ESP32 is a great way to start!

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In the latest Python tutorial series, we look at loading MicroPython onto six different microcontroller development boards.

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No anit-static mat, ESD monitors, and probably no wriststraps.
It’s the Vortex Pok3r. I liked it so much that I used to carry it home from work, until my wife got me a second for my Birthday. You can get…
What model of keyboard is that? Always curious what brands others recommend. I alternate use between a Cooler Master Storm and a Logitech…
I agree with all the suggestion, especially the analog buffer one. You can easily damage the analog pins of your testers. It’s better to add…
This is my first comment on SparkFun. First, thank you for sharing the design. It is a very interesting subject, and I wish more people…
Actually, that is not a hardware flaw. Out of the gate every Atmel micro has the ClockDiv8 fuse programmed. This is explicitly so every user…
One of my first experiences with soldering was over 50 years ago when I tried to build a model helicopter as a “science fair” project. It…
In this case there is a pin compatible replacement with lower power consumption:…
When researching PCB design tips a few years ago I came across the saying “thou shalt always use thou.” By trying to get into this habit we…

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