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What happened to #42? Hang on, let me find my towel.
I first learned about charge pumps many moons ago. I built a high voltage charging circuit for a photoflash cap – something like…
Do atmosphere contaminants have any effect on this? Like dust in the upper atmosphere?
Thanks for another cool video, Pete. I don’t have an immediate need for a charge pump, which means I’ll probably build this very soon. :)
Charge pumps are fun and a very handy circuit! Thanks for the video Pete, always informative and entertaining. Oh, and your mention of the…
Got some LED Filaments and they are pretty cool. [Closeup of…
Alright. Dont forget your safety goggles though. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:647883
For the timing, I wonder how well either: A) Use the Q and /Q (not Q) outputs of a JK flip flop with the J and K inputs held high and a…
I went through a very similar exercise in developing an H-bridge not too long ago. In my case, I was translating TTL into +/- 12 VDC for an…
Pete I have used the Psoc family at an internship I had. It is a love hate relationship I have for it. But for this project I would suggest…

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