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SWIT is short for Software and IT which is in turn short for Software Development and Information Technology.
Separate is true - our device programmers aren’t in SWIT, but we help develop phant, and how it will get used. The people helping directing…
Great. I don’t mean trade secrets, but working on coordinating external feeds like your big data iOT feeds, remote devices and local device…
In a website full of engineers, am I the only one bothered by: Software Development and IT == SWIT?
Actually, it’s not so much the fans but the team that has a habit of beating the D'backs when the D'backs need a win, and they’re in our…
I’ll try and help where I can. Our half of the IoT solution is on the big data side. Our Engineering team get to work very close to the…
It’s been more like this than Erik-Sparkfun is letting on. He’s just trying to down play it since he’s on the SWIT team.
Yeah sometimes my mouth says things faster than my brain actually processes it. Let’s just say I meant to say “How much water is between the…
> Oscopes in hand That’d be engineering, not SWIT. SWIT’s more likely to set up Jenkins on your OpenStack instance than using an…
Welcome. Can’t wait to see cool things you blog about. Particularly posts regarding integration of software dev and hardware. Many of us who…

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