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Please oh please do tell where in the world you’re finding those Lumias for $20!?!?
We’re sorry. A black/blue bezel multimeter is a trademark of MegaCorp. May we suggest color “pukey green”, or “flourescent purple” as…
Two thumbs up for Classic New Product Posts rob
Well, Robert is back, and the acoustics seem reasonable. Now can we work on piling red boxes in the background?
Hmm, maybe they’ve gotten better in the last 3-4 years since I made that comment.
I live in Madison, too, and Radioshack is the best we have. But, don’t fear! Their DIY electronics sections is pretty decent - even has some…
I know that Radioshack really isn’t that special - it’s everywhere, but the ones in Madison, Wisconsin could certainly use some of your…
It’s doable but awkward. One of the things that you can do with the arduino ide is upload a given board flavor’s bootloader with an attched…
Excellent article. Months ago I had peeked at this and got scared and ran away. Nice to have a friendly guide with a machete. A related…
Very interesting article. I had always wondered where the main() function was, thanks for the read!

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