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Don’t be fooled into thinking a formal degree is the only way to understand something. Someone who is passionate about learning something…
Wow I hadn’t heard about this competition before! It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
The photo of an SMA connector shows 4 each 1k resistors, i.e. a 250 Ohm load. Yet the referenced web page for making Vector Network Analyzer…
There is absolutely no reason you have to go to college to learn hobby-level electrical engineering. He’s not building actual submarines,…
I would go one step further and put the address(es) right on the board silkscreen. In this case, where there is an address jumper, put it…
Good article but I might suggest that electrical engineering is something you to go to college for.. You don’t play around and suddenly…
I’ve never priced a flying probe tester, we typically pay for that type of testing with some of the proto designs, at the board house or…
Enlarging the image, I finally noticed that it appears that both the TX and RX lines on the “SERIAL COM” connector are wired to the source…
Yeah, we might should try “replace the USB cable” right after “check that the power is plugged in”! ;-) (Amazing how many “problems” are…
Hey John, Good catch, but sorry, not the one. I totally didn’t even think of heat sinks while designing this, or after using it so many…

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