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Thanks for reading! I haven’t played with Electron much, so I can’t comment on it from experience, really. From what I could gather, it does…
I’ve only just skimmed this but it looks like great stuff, Nick. I’m definitely going to revisit it. Thanks! At a glance it sounds a bit…
If you’re taking requests, I’d love to see you break down everything there is to know about wiring. There’s a Sparkfun tutorial on…
Came across a GREAT tip a while back to measure the center to center spacing for 2 (same sized) holes. Use the calipers to measure the…
Marking with the sharp edges seems to work better with: * high quality calipers that are actually made from hard metal. * machinists marking…
I tried to buy one but they are not available? I asked to be notified. Do you know when there will be availability?
What about an improvised hammer? ;-) (grinning, ducking, and running)
As I said, I also usually forget about it. But the times that I do remember to use it I find my measurement is less fiddly to take.
Not usually. No more than having a giant dial or some other piece protruding from the face of the slider.

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