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I’d thought, at first, about something like a “big button” or an [“arcade…
Very good point that I missed (this was a little rushed) quantities absolutely matter and will factor in.
Hey ‘773! For the “who’s turn” indicator, I think the problem you’d run into is that people will forget to hit the button (or whatever) to…
A few more comments (after thinking a bit in the shower)… I’d say that there’s a very high probability that the chip in these parts is…
Hi Pete! I toyed with the idea for a project that would use just one programmable LED - it was…
micro:bits are tough to keep a steady supply in-stock to meet the demand for them at the moment. We do however have the [micro:bit Go…
For few lines i have used Raspbian Default Editor or VI on board, but for huge source code i used Visual Studio Code with step-by-step…
Depending on the quantities to be produced, modules make sense for small runs where the fixed cost of PCB design and debugging won’t be…
It’s unfortunate you are out of Micro Bits. I would love to try some of these things.
Wireless Weather Station - Project Idea: In support of Oregon State, Linux User Group activities, I have developed a solution that does not…

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