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Color LCD Pin-out

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Nothing too exciting to report  - the pinout for the Color LCD has been posted. Hopefully it will give customers a clear insight to wiring up the LCD. Oh - and the 0.5mm SMD connector footprint can be obtained from the Hirose DF23 datasheet.

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  • I too am getting nutty things in Google reader.
    However, I usually get nutty things in other RSS readers from Sparkfun like the same article popping up a few times or old ones becoming new.

  • Yup. Same here. I was redirected here from a post labelled "Soldering". I'm using Google Reader.

  • Me too. I'm using Google Reader.

  • Is it just my reader or has your RSS news feed gone funny? I keep receiving random things through with no description and no link back to the page and this 'news' came up as the latest - soldering basics!

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