All E-Textiles On Sale!

If you ever wanted to explore the world of wearables, now is your chance!

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it is prime-time for e-textiles. With that in mind, today we are excited to announce that everything in our E-Textiles Category is now on sale!

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Now's the time to build your own LED pizza.

Did we mean to say everything? Why, yes - yes we did. Whether you want to pick up some LilyPad LEDs to craft a glowing slice of 'za, or grab a bobbin of conductive thread to finish up your electronics-powered D&D dice gauntlet, this is the time to either start exploring e-textiles or seriously ramp up your wearables-fu.

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The LilyPad Arduino - and 130 other E-textiles products - now on sale!

How long does this sale run? Until the end of October! We want to give folks plenty of time to work on Halloween costumes (including any last minute 'I-forgot-a-power-source- problems), so this sale will be on until the bell tolls on October 31st (meaning 11:59:59 MT).

So check out our e-textiles tutorials, get inspired, and build something amazing (for less money than you otherwise normally would!).

Happy hacking!

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