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If you weren't able to find the holiday Easter eggs on our site, we've got you covered!

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Over the years, we've hidden various Easter eggs on the SparkFun site. If you've been with us for a while, you remember when you could put the Contra code in and it would make the SparkFun site an explosion of rainbows and sparkles. Unfortunately (sort of), that little trick is gone. But around some holidays, we still like to hide various tricks on the site. Lately, we've had the Easter eggs lead to themed games. For example, "Patent Command" -

alt text

The mastermind behind these games is James from our IT Department and he's been kind enough to start a GitHub repo with most of the games!. He has also made the code available here if you're looking to build your own versions. Enjoy wasting most of your day trying to set high scores!

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  • dksmall / about 9 years ago / 7

    Speaking of arcades, what ever happen to Nick's pinball project?

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