Last-minute gift panic? We've got this.

SparkFun's gift guide has something for everyone (even you!)

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You saw and loved (or were at least entertained by) the video, but that was weeks ago. Now it's December 14th, you forgot all about the SparkFun Gift Guide in your Star Wars movie release fervor, and now you're facing a list of names and only a week to get each of them a present that will finally give them something else to talk about besides the eggnog incident of 2010. Don't worry, we have some ideas.

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Whether you need the perfect gift for the nephew who dismantles everything in sight, something for the sister who has everything except a 3D printer, or a "great job on your timely holiday shopping" present for yourself, we've got you covered. And with our handy holiday shipping timeline, you can rest easy knowing everything will arrive on time – right before you realize you forgot to get wrapping paper.

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  • ME heat o nator / about 9 years ago / 1

    Is a snow day as much fun for Sparkfun as it is for the rest of us? I am trying to imagine whether they build sleds with LEDs or if they just sit at home wishing they were at work.

    • is that even a question? :D

    • Colecago / about 9 years ago / 1

      Man here in Wisconsin we would just be happy with snow, doesn't even need to be enough to close work and schools for a day.

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