E-Tel and the Rotary Phone

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Hi again. The Rotary Phone is making an appearance at the Emerging Telephony conference by O'Reilly. Yea, who would have thunk they would pay for our Hotel room? I guess we'll have to put on a show... So if you're in the San Francisco area, come checkout the talks by our friend Surj Patel and learn a little more about the Port-O-Rotary if you dare.

We will have Color LCDs and breakout boards on Friday the 27th! Just give us a couple more days.

A few new items have been posted including the Ringer Board for the Port-O-Rotary project:

The Soldering Iron Tips have made it up as well!

The new Dings and Dents category will house the various products that we have that couldn't quite make it onto the shelf, but could be a perfect fit for a scrappy tinkerer. We will list these one-of-a-kind items as they become available.

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