The Fellowship of the Things: Episode 6 - Bluetooth Fitness Bracer

Using the Simblee LilyPad to make a fitness bracer that hooks up to your phone!

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Welcome back to a new episode of The Fellowship of the Things! This time around, I'm making a wearable fitness tracker I'm calling the Fitness Bracer. The Bracer uses the new Simblee BLE LilyPad board to track total steps, take your heart rate, give you info about the last time you were active, and keep track of your calories for the day. All this can be seen on an app hooked up to your phone via Bluetooth! Check it out:

You can find the wishlist of parts I used here, and the code, 3D print files, embroidery design, fritzing files, and hardware layout diagram here. Let me know what you think, share any cool ideas you have, or tell me about projects you've made like this in the comments!

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