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Enginursday: More Fun with 60 USB Supplies

Now I'll use these 60 USB supplies to see if I can weld!

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I've got one more experiment to try with the 60 USB supplies. Can I actually weld with them? This video has the supplies connected for 30V, 20A operation and shows some of the tests I did.

Consider this: General-purpose welders produce alternating current, while these supplies produce direct current. In an AC plasma, the net force to charged particles is zero, but with DC, the particles will tend to move one way or the other. I was surprised that the effect is big enough to be seen on the video.

Have a look!

And if it seems as though engineering is out the window for this one, don't worry. I've got some posts lined up for the future that get back to design. I just couldn't resist playing with arcs again (check out my previous experiment).

I also got a chance to try out our new Xcelite Ergonomic Screwdriver Set while making this video. I was using the big #2 Phillips and just kept thinking to myself, "Oh wow, these are nice." They have well-shaped handles, and the tips fit the screws perfectly. If you've been using the same crusty screwdrivers passed down for generations, it's time to treat yourself. Throw those old, smelly screwdrivers in the kitchen drawer!

Keep on sparkin',

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  • Seriously this welding looks little scary.

  • I'm no welding expert, but if your voltage is dropping and you want to keep it up Ohm's law kind of says the only answer is more current. No supply is going to be able to keep the voltage up by sacrificing current (unless it can control the load) rather the opposite is needed.

    Part of me wonders what sort of results you would get with a few farads of supper-cap sitting on the output...

  • I like how you were wearing your Colorado safety shoes. We have similar protective equipment in California which I utilize often.

  • How much of a "sunburn" did you get on your bare arms? Anyone trying this at home should wear leathers.

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