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Enginursday: The Qwiic Jukebox

Check out this Qwiic-based jukebox using Qwiic RFID and Qwiic MP3. Follow along with the video and hookup guide to build your own!

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Over the past couple months, I have been working with my three-year-old son to create his own jukebox.

alt text

He wanted it to play some recordings we made of us reading books together.

alt text

It uses RFID tags as the selection process, and is totally Qwiic-based.

alt text

We have worked out most of the bugs. It is truly amazing how good a three-year-old is at beta testing. We ended up making a detailed hookup guide and video, so if you'd like to make one yourself, please check those out and share in the comments. Enjoy!

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  • fantastic!!!!!

    • QCPete / last year / 1

      Thanks ReverieQuest! Graham and I have been really enjoying it. And now all his friends want to make them. I'm gonna have to host a workshop.

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