Don't Pirate Music, Pirate Audio!

Pimoroni has released a line of four new digital audio boards, bringing enhanced sound and an integrated graphical display to your Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi boards are amazing and have, since their inception almost a decade ago, always offered an amazing host of features. Audio output from the 3.5mm TRS jack, however, has not been one of them.

Of course, since the current crop of Raspberry Pi models all use HDMI, sound output is great. But what if you’re not using HDMI? Perhaps you’re using a DSI display port with a smaller screen, or you’re running a headless setup with no monitor, but you still want your project to sound great.

The engineers over at Pimoroni have stepped up to fill that void. Using either a PCM5100A DAC (Line Out and Headphone boards) or a MAX98357A DAC (3W Stereo Amp and Small Speaker boards), the Pirate Audio boards use the Raspberry Pi’s I2S output to greatly improve the sound quality coming out of your Pi. All four have a 1.3” LCD to display album art, as well as track and artist info. Just choose the output you want and start pumping out the soundtrack to your life!

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