Soil Moisture Sensor Guide

We've updated our Soil Moisture Sensor Guide to account for the new Qwiic version!

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A few weeks ago we released a new, Qwiic-enabled version of our popular Soil Moisture Sensor allowing for easier use of the board without a Weather Station, as well as making it plug-and-play ready. With the release of this new version of the board, we've made sure to update our Soil Moisture Sensor Hookup Guide. You might also enjoy the new Qwiic examples we wrote for the board as well!

Soil Moisture Sensor Hookup Guide

January 29, 2021

A quick hookup guide and project to get you started with the Soil Moisture Sensor from SparkFun.

Our Qwiic Soil Moisture Sensor utilizes the I2C protocol with the existing signals and the ATtiny85 MCU as the I2C gateway, which does all the nitty gritty stuff for you. The default I2C address is 0x28, which you can change by cutting the jumpers on the front of the board. The Qwiic connector should be self-evident, and this board also has pins broken out for SPI programming.

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