Workspace Hacks, SparkX Highlights and Projects with RFID and Artemis

Check out the complete digital bonus edition of Elektor Magazine filled with five extra articles

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A few weeks ago we announced that Elektor Magazine was releasing a free, bonus edition of their magazine filled with five extra articles from our SparkFun guest-edited edition! The last article was released last Friday, and you can now download the complete bonus edition.

Cover of Elektor Magazine's digital bonus edition

Completely declassified bonus edition cover

Curious about what’s inside?

  1. "Must-Haves for Your Electronics Workspace": Get tips on essential gear, handy parts to have in stock, and advice on setting up a great workspace!
  2. "DIY Circuit Board Organization": If your workspace is in need of some organization, this article has a great (and inexpensive!) idea on how to organize the boards creating clutter on your workspace.
  3. "SparkX Standouts": Learn more about the incredible products that have come out of the SparkX lab housed within SparkFun, like the SparkFun OpenLog Artemis, Qwiic and more!
  4. "Manage Your Sweets with RFID": With everyone at home during the pandemic, SparkFun’s Creative Technologist Rob Reynolds realized that his family was consuming more than a fair amount of M&Ms. Tasked with creating a way to limit his family’s intake, Rob utilized RFID to create a candy management system.
  5. "Trike Drifting and Exploring Mineshafts": Explore what the SparkFun OpenLog Artemis can do with these two cool projects - recording data while doing a 360 on a drift trike, and gathering air quality data from inside a mineshaft!

Looking to subscribe to Elektor magazine?

If you’ve been enjoying our guest-edited edition of Elektor (and the bonus edition), check out their site to sign up for a subscription. New subscribers can get a free first issue for either their Gold (print) or Green (digital) memberships when you sign up for a one-year subscription! Learn more and start your subscription over on Elektor - and use the promo codes below until May 9th!

  • Green (digital) = 2ElekFunD
  • Gold (print) = ElekFun2

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  • Member #134773 / about 3 years ago / 1

    I have a couple of comments for Avra on her article:

    First, the idea of running a datalogger for nearly a decade on a LiPo battery would present a problem, as the typical LiPo will self-discharge in a couple of years. There are, however, some chemistries of "primary" batteries that can operate for a decade if the current demand is small enough. (Witness the smoke and CO2 detectors that "never need a battery change" -- after the ~10 year life of the battery, the detector should be changed anyway.)

    Second, a comment regarding mail: Nearly a decade ago, I got a package containing several different items from Digi-Key that looked like it had been through a train wreck. The UPS tracking facility had shown that there was good reason for it looking that way: it had been through a train wreck! (Which also explained why it was several days later than the original prediction of arrival.) When I went through the contents, everything was there. There were a couple of "wall-warts" that came in white carboard boxes, and the only visible damage to anything was that the cardboard boxes were damaged. Everything seemed to work, and since the cardboard boxes were destined for the recycle bin anyway, they didn't make any difference.

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