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We've implemented a new feature on the SFE site! You will now see the Backorder button on some out of stock items. This will allow you to checkout with items that are being built, reserving future stock for willing customers. We are still working out all the kinks, but we hope to continue adding site features to make the SFE site easier to use.

What else you ask?

New Video Critter board from Critter and Guitari (formally known as CigarSynth). This groovy ARM board allows the user to create color graphics (128x120 pixel resolution!) on any TV or monitor. The video routines are even open source!

The 6DOF v3 is now available for immediate shipment. The v3 IMU now incorporates the IDG300 for lower power and higher precision readings! The user now has access to three axis accelerometer, four axis of gyro (one redundant), dual axis magneto, and a more powerful ARM LPC2138 based engine. All wrapped up with an easy to use Bluetooth? wireless connection. It's a sensor cornucopia if you will.

If the 6DOF v3 doesn't blow you away, the new Cirrus Logic boards from Olimex will. The CS-E9302 features a 200MHz ARM and the kitchen sink for perihperals (it even has a POweR oN button - look close). The boards ship with Linux and NetBSD image CDs!

And to couple with the Cirrus Logic boards, we now carry a simple low-cost 512MB USB flash drive. Time to start working on that USB Host implementation.

We can't wait to hook one of these up. These are the 1Watt 'Portable' LEDs from Luxeon. They are actually so small, they are portable only if you stick them to a PCB 100 times their size. Most LEDs run at 20mA. These little guys run at 350mA max. We also carry a new range of 5Watt LEDs from Luxeon. And you thought high-beams on cars were bad.

This is a 2 megapixel camera for $15. It is surplus, and we don't have a clue about the interface, but you'll get a super cap, some fancy parts, and some really nice images out of this (if you're good!). Sorry, no capture contest on this one.

Finally - there are a few new items on the Ding/Dent category.

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