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The SHT15 Humidity Sensor from Sensirion is the newest sensor to hit SFE!

+/-2% Humidity sensing and temperature all in one small package.

The tiny QFN package of the DOSonCHIP IC is now in stock.

New STR-E912 board from Olimex. Sorry! We ran out of stock before we could even get it on the home page. We'll post more stock as soon as Olimex can ship them to us!

Simple SMD reset button in stock.

Nifty DC to DC step up board for use with LiPo batteries. This board will output up to 700mA at 12V! That's 10Watts!!

If you haven't check the Ding/Dent category lately, we've posted our 2006 production scrap for all you rework gurus.

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