New Product Friday: Roll Out!

New products, tools, and rockets. Yeah, rockets.

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Friday Friday Friday! We're back with a few new things that you might need. We also have an explosive demo for you that just might blow your mind!



Poor little MiP. I was pretty impressed though that after his short-lived career as an astronaut, he still worked just fine! Well, other than his head dangling off his body. But he still worked.

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The MiP Robotic Platform is the first self-balancing robot that you get to control and play games with. The MiP can drive, dance, plays games, battle with other MiPs, respond to simple hand motions and can be remotely controlled by a compatible iOS or Android device. Check out the tearndown of the MiP as well as a look at other self-balancers on the previous SparkFun Live.

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Who could forget the meat-filled roll up tool bag. Not only is the roll-up tool bag good for meat, but it's also good for tools. This week we have a tool kit that uses the roll up tool bag, filled with our most popular hand tools and other accessories.

alt text

This week we have a new revision of the LilyPad XBee board. The board fits in with the LilyPad lineup and allows you to easily connect an XBee into your project for wireless communication. This version fixes some production issues and adds a reset switch.

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Lastly, we have a new version of the fingerprint scanner. This version is capable of 360 degree fingerprint recognition as well as being able to download and upload templates. This is a really cool module for adding fingerprint control to your project.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for reading. We'll be back again next week with more stuff, don't you worry. See you then!

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