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Curious about how you can use paper to make a circuit? Aced the SIK and wondering what's next? Want an Arduino workshop that's fun for the whole family? SparkFun's Department of Education has you covered with our first set of classes for 2015!

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You could be having as much fun as the guy with the red box, AND in our fancy new classroom!

Our first class of the new year is the next step beyond our popular Microcontrollers for Educators workshop. "Beyond the SIK Part 1: Mechatronics" breaks down advanced topics for anyone who's mastered the SparkFun Inventor's Kit and is ready to tackle some harder concepts and projects. In this installment of the class, you'll learn the basics of motor control using an H-Bridge, learn about different types of motors, and explore their applications in the context of the SIK.

Can't make it to our January class? You can explore the class list on our events page, or you can check out each upcoming class in detail below!

See you in the classroom!

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    Are you going to stream this ? Thank You :)

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