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Have you always wanted to experiment with electroluminescence?

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In today's episode of "ElectriCute" we're taking a look at a range of EL (electroluminescent) products. If you've always wanted to work with EL wire (like maybe build your own Tron costume), but weren't sure where to start, this is the video for you:

As always, feel free to leave questions or comments below - and we'd love to hear your plans for incorporating EL into your next project!

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  • Just a correction. "El Escudo" translated literally to English means "The Shield" or "coat of arms", such as in a family crest.

    • The punchline is the "El"; sharp-eyed customers will note that we capitalize it in the product name as "EL", which stands for ElectroLuminescent. ;)

    • We did mention that it wasn't true! The name was chosen because it's an Arduino shield. :)

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