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Earlier this month, some representatives from SparkFun's Department of Education went out to Chicago for the NSTA National Conference on Science and Education. This conference is a great event centered around building STEM education in our schools and representatives from across the globe gathered to share ideas, learn from each other and get inspired.

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Unlike on other educational tours, we didn't take SparkFun One

However, we understand not everyone is lucky enough to attend NSTA, so today we wanted to share all the materials for the workshops we hosted! Our workshops included the following:

  • Program or Be Programmed: Integrating Electronics and Code in the Science Classroom

  • Scratch for the Science Classroom: Introducing Coding as a Tool Earlier in Learning

  • Breaking the Rules: Hacking the Science Classroom with Arduino and Open-source Electronics

  • Bringing Science Home: Integrating the Science Classroom with the Internet of Things

  • Physics and Open-Source Robotics: The Opera of Math and Science

  • Seeing the Sky with High Altitude Weather Balloons and Data Collection

  • Circuit Scribe: Joining Art and Science with Conductive Gel Pens

We've created a page with all the information on these workshops including teaching materials, parts lists, example code and more.

Feel free to use these materials to inspire your kids, teach in your classroom or just learn something new for yourself! Enjoy!

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