SparkFun Heading to Wondercon

Join us for a fun workshop at Wondercon in Anaheim!

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This coming weekend, April 3-5, SparkFun is heading to sunny Anaheim to take part in the wonderful Wondercon. Wondercon is part of the Comic Con circuit and is sure to be an awesome time!

Conductive Thread (Thick) - 50'

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LilyPad LED Blue (5pcs)

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While we're there, we're doing a single LED workshop on April 4th from 3-4pm in Room 210 at the Anaheim Convention Center. We'll be using conductive thread and LilyPad LEDs (as seen above). You'll have a choice to do a fabric Arc Reactor (Avengers) or a Flux Capacitor (Back to the Future) in the workshop!

If you're going to attend and want to learn about adding LEDs and other electronics to your costuming and cosplay projects, stop by our workshop! Hope to see you there!

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