Advancer Technologies and the MyoWare

The producers of our muscle sensor are at it again!

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If you've experimented with biometrics projects or medical research, you're likely familiar with our Muscle Sensor v3, which measures muscle activity by detecting its electric potential, referred to as electromyography (EMG). Produced by our friends at Advancer Technologies, the Muscle Sensor v3 has been a success by all accounts, but with some feedback they decided to make it even better, and came up with the MyoWare. The MyoWare is open source (naturally), and offers a few improvements on the original design, like a single power supply, embedded electrode connectors and eventually, a group of compatible shields for project diversity.

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One of the things we find most impressive though, is their sponsorship of Limbitless Solutions - a group whose mission is to build 3D-printed myoelectric prosthetic arms and donate them to children in need. A lot of the prostheses incorporate Advancer's muscle sensors, so for every five backers of the MyoWare Kickstarter, they'll be donating a sensor to Limbitless for a kid who needs one.



If you're interested in myoelectric or EMG projects, we suggest you check it out & support their mission!

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