AVC 2015 Update - Verification and Registration Deadlines

For anyone competing in AVC 2015 (or looking to compete), we have some information regarding registration and verification.

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Hello loyal blog readers! This post is going to be all about AVC 2015. If you're not familiar, you should click here immediately so you don't go another minute without knowing about the awesomeness of AVC. For everyone else, we have some important information for all existing entrants, and anyone looking to register.

The deadline for registration is quickly approaching. The official deadline is May 29th. That means that you will no longer be able to register for AVC, no exceptions. This applies to the autonomous portion of the competition. For robot combat, registration will still close, but we will allow registration the day of the event for $35. So, if you plan on registering, now is the time to do it. We look forward to seeing you there!

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For all existing entrants, we will be sending out our verification email later this week. Every year we verify all the entrants before the event. This email will include all the necessary information, but ultimately we just want to see what you have so far. It's OK if it's not 100% complete, but we need to see proof of concept to see how far along you are, and get a good idea of what's going to show up and how you're progressing. More details to follow; make sure you check your spam folders and double-check your registration details. You will hear from us soon.

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Once registration fully closes and the verification deadline is closer, we will be sending a detailed info packet about what to expect, where to go, when to be where, etc. In the meantime, if you have any other questions that fall outside of this realm, you can email AVC@SparkFun.com.

If you just want to watch, we ask that you follow this link and register for the event. You can certainly just show up, but it helps give us a better idea of how many people are coming if you register in advance.

Let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments, and see you then!

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