SparkFun Live: Knitter's Bracer is today!

Join us for some collaborative creating!

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We've been waiting and assembling our materials for a week now, and the time has finally come: SparkFun Live is today! Tune in at 3:00 MDT to the video link below, and build your own knitter's bracer along with Liz (she'll be answering questions in the YouTube comments if you have any).

If you need a refresher, the teaser video for the project is below, the GitHub code repo is here, and the wishlist can be found here. See you at 3:00!

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  • Sembazuru / about 9 years ago / 1

    I know you are about to go on air, but I've submitted a pull request for the code on github. I don't expect you to review it before going to air, but my code change might be useful in the future.

    • Awesome, thanks so much! It's greatly appreciated.

      • Sembazuru / about 9 years ago * / 1

        Note, the pull request is on Liz's personal repo linked above, not the "official" sparkfun repo that was shown over the video. (Just so you know where to find it...)

        Should I apply the same pull request to the sparkfun repo?

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