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Shapeoko hookup guides and tutorials

Get started with one of our favorite new products!

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One of the new products we've been most excited about lately is the Shapeoko, a desktop, 3-axis CNC machine kit that runs on the SparkFun Stepoko controller. Check out our video of it in action if you missed it the first time around!

We've been tinkering with the Shapeoko and building all manner of funecessary creations, and if you've picked one up since we released them you might be thinking, "YESSSss...now what?" Fortunately, we've finished and posted our new hookup guides for both the Stepoko and Shapeoko assemblies, which should help you get started routing in no time.

Once you've gotten everything put together and flipped the power switch, we've got a good starter project to help you conquer the ins and outs of how a routing project works before you move on to bigger and better inventions. Plus - no more water rings on the workbench.

Shapeoko Coaster Project

November 20, 2015

A step-by-step guide to cutting and engraving a coaster with the Shapeoko.

There you have it - now start Shapeokoing!

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    THANK YOU!!!

  • This is an excellent step forward...

    I purchased a wooden cnc at https://www.buildyourcnc.com/ about 6 years ago and had a great time.. It cost me a couple grand and was a blast to play with.. nothing even close to as simple and rugged as this.. but it was 6 years ago..... Ive upgraded to a sturdier one, and hope to be able to get a machining center at some point.. however the capacity to cnc stiff is incredible... the capacity to cut...most plastics wood... and a little aluminum opens up a complete new world of possibilities...making thermoforming molds...even small candle moulds out of aluminum.. or even aluminum stamping molds for the EPS machine is just incredible. The only downside is the learning curve.. and it seems you guys got that down pat...

    This year I got an 8'x4' plasma cnc cutter that will cut up to 5/8" sheet without breaking a sweat... Next on my list for my makershed is a cnc laser cutter that will allow me to cut 1/4 inch ply and acrilic... I see the Stepoko/frame can handle the 3d movement part of the equation... any ideas on maybe adding a laser cutter add=on so that we can turn the cnc cutter into a laser cutter?

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