New Connector System

We're pleased to announce our new Qwiic system.

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We're pleased to announce our new connector system called Qwiic. We got tired of soldering the same four male headers into place then running the four wires to the dev board. Which one is SDA again?

Small, polarized, connectors. Color coded cables. Daisy chain friendly. Qwiic is an easy way to get sensors, actuators, and displays connected quickly over I2C. You can read more about the Qwiic system here.

Qwiic Shield for Arduino


We've got shields for Arduino, Photon, and ESP32. There are 3 lengths of Qwiic interconnect cables: 200mm, 100mm, and 50mm as well as a breadboard friendly Qwiic cable.

We have an adapter board (seen above) to convert from our standard I2C pinout to the Qwiic system.

We've got the Qwiic Accelerometer posted today as well but boy, oh boy, we've got some boards coming this week!

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